Monday, September 1, 2008

The Road to PCI DSS Compliance

After many false dawns, the industry finally seems to have come alive and realised the real benefits of securing their trading platforms. The once relaxed attitude to card data security has been replaced by a desire to attain and maintain compliance with the PCI DSS directive at almost all costs. As a tier1 solutions provider, Exact Abacus have been on the compliance trail for over 2 years, gradually locking down networks and working with our QSA to make our datacentre inpenetrable. Furthermore, we are looking well into the future and considering what the impact of upcoming PA DSS standards will be for us and our clients. In all, over £250,000 invested in our compliance programme to-date and a planned £100,000 per annum going forward to maintain that compliance. We take PCI DSS very seriously and have put 'our money where our mouth is' to prove it!

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