Thursday, March 12, 2009

I have seen the future...

...and it promises to change the way in which we deliver ecommerce websites for good. Our QA Manager, Phil Smith, has just demonstrated how he was able to create a transactional website, complete with design and content within hours. Good so far, but when he then went on to show how the site integrated with our 3EX.NET back office software, pulling back logic, orders, baskets etc, one could only imagine the possibilities. Suddenly, we are catapulted into the business of deploying rich content, high functionality websites in days, rather than months. When a further 'white label' site (with cloned content) was created at the click of a mouse, I was ready to fall off the chair! This is where, after 7 years of R&D effort, 3EX.NET really does get very exciting.
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