Thursday, April 8, 2010

Commerce for a Cause

Just been taking a look at the newly-launched Green Baby website, developed on the 3EX.NET platform and launched in record time. It is a nice looking site and our first to use a 'one column' format and dynamic hierarchies (our term for navigation). What is more, it really is satisfying seeing a job well done for a company that has built a brand on the principle of fair trade in a niche market segment. We are Green Baby's 'total outsourcing partner', a bit of a mouthful, but it means that we provide the customer service and fulfilment functions backed by a back office and ecommerce platform that is shared between both companies. This means that the client retains close control over their business, without the fixed costs. And that proves the whole point about what we do - enabling entrepreneurial businesses establish an grow without punitive software and logistics costs. All you need is a good idea....

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