Wednesday, November 10, 2010

e-Commerce Driving Christmas Growth in 2010

A recent report from Logan Tod’s annual online shopping index predicts that sales online over the 2010 Christmas shopping season are likely to hit the £1.26 billion mark, with UK customers spending 23% more online than they did for the same period in 2009.

The increase is accredited to price sensitivity as customers are looking to get the most for their money in difficult times. So what does this mean for the online retailers?

The increase in sales during this period means that there is a far greater emphasis put on a retailer’s fulfilment and distribution network, as well as their customer support teams. Without a strict procedure, retailers could find themselves in a tricky situation whereby they are working long overtime hours to ensure that all fulfilments are completed.

For any business retailing online, the key to running a tight ship is the back office systems that are being run for the relevant websites. Many companies are running a number of different pieces of software to manage the various component parts of back office software. However, the ideal solution is to run a fully integrated back office system, which contains the e-commerce website, customer relationship management, stock control, order processing and fulfilment processes without the need to pull any data from other sources.

Companies using this kind of system, such as the system by Exact Abacus, are able to provide a more streamlined process to their online business and reduce the margin for error on order picking, processing and fulfilment, making for a happier Christmas for all concerned.

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