Tuesday, November 23, 2010

White Label eCommerce: Make Your Life Easy

Imagine seeing breaking news at 9am and launching a site by noon to take advantage of any related merchandising offers. The winter of 2009/10 springs to mind – anyone with a warehouse full of snow shovels could have cleaned up!

White labelling software allows you to get a website up and running within the space of half a day, with some simple CSS changes. Using software such as 3ex.net, you need not worry about databases and integration with your new site as everything sits on one platform. This is white label eCommerce working at its optimum level.

Gone is the need for multiple integrations within your back office software, the 3ex.net white label eCommerce software houses everything. All of your stock is controlled within one platform, allowing you to run multiple sites off the same platform. Furthermore, all of your client data, and order processing is managed from within the same source. The white label eCommerce option simply offers you such a streamlined tool that there should be no requirement to staff up to launch a new website, as everything will be following the same simple 3ex.net system.

If you haven’t already considered eCommerce White Labelling then think if your businesses could benefit from seasonal performance, or if you have clearance goods, or even if you have a top selling range that you want to promote separately. If you find yourself thinking that there is an opportunity then think 3ex.net White Label eCommerce.

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