Monday, February 22, 2010

Window Dressing

The biggest challenge for our R&D team is creating an integrated environment that enables clients to enjoy almost carte blanche at the 'front end'. We compete against many web design/development applications and a loyal band of 'open sourcerers' who believe that control over code is sacrosanct and the only means of creating a bespoke eCommerce website. Our tools in trade are CSS and ASP.NET Master Pages which enable a developer to create custom look websites. What is really neat is that the 3EX.NET application gives a non-technical user total control over the positioning and content of each page/web element. The ability to fundamentally change the look, feel and structure of a site at will, coupled with a powerful back office suite puts 3EX.NET users at a distinct advantage over a generation of online retailers struggling to stitch together disparate systems and databases. Add in the ability to create and run white label websites in minutes and the possibilities are endless.