Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Backing the right horse?

Our seminar at last week's eCommerce Expo North show was a very insightful event. We were considering the basis of our next technology decisions and it seemed that far from crystallising, many delegates were in need of inspiration. Most people acknowledged the critical importance of joined up systems and were perhaps surprised to hear that truly integrated back office and front-end solutions like our own 3ex.net existed. But what market and technological conditions will be prevalent in 3 years that we should be preparing for now? Amongst many others, we are seriously investigating the potential of mobile commerce - not mobile web browsing (impractical in our minds) but apps that could change the way consumers interact with merchants. The problem is that like Windows vs Apple on the desktop, there is no clear leader in mobile OS yet. Choose any from Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, RIM - all have their followers and distinct features, but no interoperability. As a developer the big question is which runner and rider (if any) will ultimately dominate?