Thursday, February 3, 2011

Product Updates: January 2011

In a busy month of product updates, here are some of the key pieces of functionality added to the system in January.

  1. Multi Faceted Navigation A key update for eCommerce websites is the development of multi-faceted navigation. We have developed the Multi Faceted Navigation to allow for users to be far more specific in their search terms. Now the user will be able to browse by colour, price, size, function, and/or whatever else you would want to set as a product variable. This functionality is a big step in improving customer experience and will also help to improve your conversion rates on site, given the correct search variables.
  2. Repeat Ordering We have developed the functionality to allow users to login to their profile on a website and create a repeat order from their past purchases. This will be particularly useful tool for FMCG goods and durables, and will help to aid conversion.
  3. Allow Multiple Related Data Answers to be Entered Within the back office, you are now able to configure related data elements to allow multiple answers, useful for example to capture multiple customer interests against one related data element. This also works with the multi-faceted navigation, thus a product with multiple answers against one element can appear in different searches.
  4. Detach Product Uplifts from Account Agreement Within the back office we have now developed the ability to have Product Uplifts as a separate entity within the system. This will allow for a more flexible structure within the product management.

If you are interested in any of these updates or you would like to see a demonstration, please call us on 01772 455062 or email us

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